Bible Services

Available Services

Service Name Description
Content Returns the content of a Bible.
Table of Contents Returns the table of contents of a Bible.
Search Searches the text of a Bible, optionally using a “fuzzy search” algorithm.
Find Finds one or more Bibles and provides Bible metadata.
Image Returns the cover image for a Bible.
Parse Parses the specified text as one or more Bible passages. Can also be used to render a Bible reference in short, medium, or long form.
Scan Scans the specified text for Bible references.
Tag Tags the specified text with Bible references.
Compare Compares two Bible references.


The API can be accessed with basic HTTP requests. Unless otherwise specified, all services support both GET and POST.

Common Parameters

Each service supports a number of parameters, documented in the Request Parameters table of each service’s page.

In addition to the service-specific parameters, the following parameters can be used with all services.


Every service call requires the API key to be provided in the key parameter. See API Keys for more information.


The user’s culture can be provided with the culture parameter. If a culture parameter is not found, the Accept-Language HTTP header will be used. If neither of those are found, en-US will be used. The culture is used by some services to decide how to parse Bible references, for example. Unsupported cultures will fall back to the closest available culture, or en-US.

Output Format

Most services support a number of different output formats. Please see the Output Format page for details.

Available Bibles

See the Available Bibles page for details. API Documentation