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Bible Content

Returns the content of a Bible.{bible}.{outputFormat}?passage={bibleReference}&key={API key}


Request Parameters

bible The ID of the Bible (required).
passage The Bible passage to return (required).
outputFormat Content type returned (options below)
style The name of a pre-defined style (options below). **Note: Takes precedence over the more specific options e.g. redLetter, header**
formatting all, paragraph, character, or none. Default all
redLetter false to remove red letter formatting for words of Christ. Default true.
footnotes true to include footnote content below the main content; default false.
citation true to include a citation below the content; default false.
paragraphs true to preserve paragraphs, false for one verse per line; default true.
fullText true to include everything, not only the biblical text; default false.
header format of the header (see blow); default empty
eachVerse format of the footer; default [VerseText]
footer format of the footer; default empty

Output formats

The supported output formats are text (.txt) and HTML (.html). To wrap the output in a JSON object, add a .json extension (e.g. .html.json).

Available pre-defined styles

NOTE: These styles correspond to the default Logos 4 Copy Bible Verses styles.

  • fullyFormatted
  • oneVersePerLine
  • oneVersePerLineFullReference
  • quotation
  • simpleParagraphs
  • bibleTextOnly
  • orationOneParagraph
  • orationOneVersePerLine
  • orationBibleParagraphs
  • fullyFormattedWithFootnotes

Formatting headers, footers, and verse content

These parameters use the Logos 4 Copy Bible Verses syntax. Additional documentation and examples can be found in the Logos 4 help.

Replacement tokens
[FullPassageRef] e.g., John 3:16-18
[ShortPassageRef] e.g., Jn 3:16-18
[FullBookName] e.g., John
[ShortBookName] e.g., Jn
[ChapterNum] e.g., 3
[VerseNum] e.g., 16
[FullVerseRef] e.g., John 3:16
[ShortVerseRef] e.g., Jn 3:16
[Version] e.g., ESV
[VerseText] e.g., For God so loved …

Format headers with the verse reference and Bible version, in its own paragraph:

[FullPassageRef] ([Version]) API Documentation