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Bible Tag

Tags the specified text with Bible references.{bool}

Request Parameters

text The text to tag.
url The URL of the text to tag.
tagFormat documented below; default
tagChapters Whether to tag references to chapters without a verse; default true.

Exactly one of text or url should be specified.

Tag Format

The tagFormat parameter is a format string that determines what tagged Bible references look like in the output. Include these tags as needed:

{text} The text that was tagged as a Bible reference.
{query} The Bible reference in a form suitable for most Web sites (spaces removed, commas as periods, e.g. `1Jn3.11`).
{short} The short form of the Bible reference.
{medium} The medium form of the Bible reference.
{long} The long form of the Bible reference.

If tagFormat is set to one of these values, we automatically substitute an appropriate pattern:

</table> ### Response The input text, with Bible references replaced as defined by the tagFormat. { "output" : "Look up <cite class=\"bibleref\" title=\"Gen3.4\">Gen 3:4</cite>." }
none {text} </td></tr> <a href="{query}">{text}</a>
bibleref <cite class="bibleref" title="{query}">{text}</cite> API Documentation