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Bible Find

Finds one or more Bibles.{bible}{query}


Both of the following requests will return information for the Lexham English Bible (LEB).

The following request will return all available Bibles.

Request Parameters

Only Bibles that match all of the request parameters will be returned. If no request parameters are specified, all entries are returned.

bible The ID of the Bible (e.g. "KJV").
query The query that matches the Bibles to return.
strictQuery The strict query (words only match title, abbreviation, and author) that matches the Bibles to return.
start The zero-based index of the first entry to return (default 0).
limit The maximum number of entries to return (all if unspecified).


  "bibles" : [
      "bible" : …,
      "title" : …,
      "abbreviatedTitle" : …,
      "publicationDate" : …,
      "languages" : […],
      "publishers" : […],
      "imageUrl" : …,
      "description" : …,
      "copyright" : …,
      "extendedCopyright" : …
} API Documentation