Terms of Use

Biblia API Terms of Use

Logos Bible Software reserves the right to update and change these Terms of Use. The terms of use will always be available at http://api.biblia.com/docs/Terms_of_Use. Use of the Biblia APIs after such a change constitutes acceptance of such changes.

1. Services

The Biblia APIs are a service of Logos Bible Software designed to allow pre-approved licensees to retrieve, create, and manipulate content (including both previously published and user-created) from Logos Bible Software’s databases. The APIs are provided as an experimental service, and Logos Bible Software may discontinue their support and availability at any time.

2. Licensed Uses and Restrictions

You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable license to use these APIs subject to the conditions herein. f You may not:

  • use these APIs to extract the content of databases made available through them for storage in an alternate database system.
  • use these APIs in a commercial product or service that competes with a product or service from Logos Bible Software.
  • share your API Key with anyone else, or allow its use by another party.
  • use these APIs for any purpose which violates the law, an individual’s right to privacy, or intellectual property rights.
  • use these APIs to reverse engineer Logos Bible Software’s code or algorithms.
  • make excessive calls to the APIs in a short period of time. (Presently defined as more than 5,000 calls in an hour.)

3. No Warranty

No warranty is expressed or implied by this license. Use of the Biblia APIs is at your own risk, and Logos Bible Software makes no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the content or the availability of the service, or any other aspect of the site or APIs.

4. Termination

Logos Bible Software may change or discontinue the Biblia API service at any time without notice.

5. Privacy

Your registration for an API Key for the Biblia APIs implies your consent to receive email and other communication from Logos Bible Software. Logos Bible Software may record and store the details of calls to the Biblia APIs. Logos Bible Software stores and manages access to user-created content, and supports basic user controls for limiting access to the content, but Logos personnel have the ability to view user-created content for the purposes of research, product planning, and providing customer support. The Biblia APIs and Logos Bible Software are designed for Bible study, research, and sharing the fruits of such; consequently users should not store confidential or proprietary information in user-created content. (Logos Bible Software does make every reasonable effort to comply with laws and regulations concerning credit card security.)

Some of the content (including user-created content) available through the Biblia APIs is copyrighted. The availability of content through the APIs does not imply sub-licensing rights; you are required to research and observe copyright status and use restrictions for content retrieved through the APIs.

Biblia.com and Logos Bible Software are trademarks of Logos Research Systems, Inc., d.b.a. Logos Bible Software. Logos is a registered trademark of Logos Bible Software.

The Biblia APIs are provided free of charge. In exchange for using them, we require you to acknowledge your use and link to us from any web sites employing the APIs. Use the following, including the graphic link:

Powered by Biblia This site uses the Biblia web services from Logos Bible Software.

Link the image and “Biblia” to https://biblia.com/ and “Logos Bible Software” to https://www.logos.com/. The logo image source should be https://api.biblia.com/v1/PoweredByBiblia.png or https://api.biblia.com/v1/PoweredByBiblia_small.png.

<a href="https://biblia.com/"><img src="https://api.biblia.com/v1/PoweredByBiblia.png" alt="Powered by Biblia" /></a>
This site uses the <a href="https://biblia.com/">Biblia</a> web services from <a href="https://www.logos.com/">Logos Bible Software</a>.

8. General

You represent that you have the authority to enter into this agreement, and to bind your (or your organization’s) use of the Biblia APIs to this license.

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